Boweld Truck Bodies


Vertilock Tailgate Locking System and Autolock Auto Latching

The new Vertilock Tailgate Locking System is a new cab operated multi-point tailgate locking system for truck operators that prefer a tailgate lock that operates across the lower edge of the tailgate.

Vertilock (patent applied for) is a unique pneumatically operated locking system that utilises the proven Airclaw pneumatic ram unit to operate an over centre clamping mechanism that securely locks the tailgate shut with four clamping arms spread across the lower edge of the tailgate. The ram unit is mounted under the body and is therefore protected from debris.

With Vertilock the tailgate can be both unlocked and secured from the truck cab for ease and speed of operation while ensuring the safety of the driver.

The Autolock is a cab operated auto latching system to ensure the tailgate is held firmly latched.

Like Vertilock it is pneumatically operated and may be installed with Vertiilock to provide a complete solution for secure remote tailgate operation